Meet the Team

Our team is larger than just the ones mentioned. Below are the ones that have made their mark, and showed their skills under stress and high demand. We cherish them and want to see them grow, thrive, and learn new things.  

Lila Davidson

Owner | CEO

She started with one…

Reaching her goal of retirement at 50 after owning and operating multiple businesses, she moved to the dreamy Emerald Coast of Pensacola Beach to become a beach bum!  She’s seen our beach grow as one of the original investors of Portofino Island Resort.  Soon after settling into her new home and being a grandparent, she began to manage the rental her husband invested in at Beach Club Resort. She then realized she was ready to begin a new career. Retirement would have to wait because she had a new goal- Luxury Beachfront Vacations for other Beach Bums, just like her.

After finding success with Beach Bum BB Vacations (ps. her nickname is BB), she found a new project.  Contracting cleaning services had its fair share of difficulties.  High prices, poor quality.  She wanted her rentals to stand above the rest not only because of the fabulous service she provided but because it was CLEAN.  Finally, after finding right-hearted people, BB’s Clean Team was formed…employing only those who love to clean.

The rest is history…

stephanie edwards

Stephanie Edwards

Operatorest. 2014

Her experience all started with a charming historic, boutique hotel in the heart of downtown Austin, Texas.  Originally from Austin, her true southern hospitality shines in the Panhandle. She moved to Gulf Breeze in 2010 to begin her family. Within six months, she had found herself again in hospitality and working on the white sands of Pensacola Beach.  In amazement at the beauty found here, she realized that helping others experience the same awe served a great purpose. 

“I live where people vacation- I actually get to say that!”

Now, with 15+ years in the hospitality business and family roots in owning businesses, she ensures the quality of employees, communications, training, rentals & cleaning standards. The company’s goal of raising the vacation rental industry standards is never out of sight…

The team often hears her say, “How do we make it better” and “What can we learn from this experience?


Tammy C

Housekeeping Manager | est. 2020

Tammy is a no-nonsense worker. She’s always smiling and makes sure everyone knows she’s there and willing to give it 100%- all the time.  She’s loud and proud; we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

When you work hard with Tammy, you’re family. Family is numero uno in her life, as it should be, and she carries that over into the workplace. 

In her words, “I love how it feels like a family… I love making sure families get the vacation they deserve…”


Mel J

Most Loved | est. 2016

Mel is very near and dear to the BB team. Always there when you need her, we all agree she is an essential piece of our beautiful chaos.  Recognition of her contribution to the effectiveness of our daily activities is an understatement. Mel has been a mother, a sister, a friend, and a confidant for many of us here and we love her…tremendously…for it. 

She cares about the community in many ways. She even takes our towels and linens that are no longer acceptable for rentals to her local women’s shelter. Donate, donate, donate. 

If Mel is here, there are smiles, laughter, and of course, singing. Ps. don’t throw anything away when Mel is watching.


Jordan A

Maintenance Tech | est. 2019

Jordan was a friend of the company years prior to actually taking a position, helping us out with jobs here and there.  Once BB grew and needed an addition to the maintenance team, adding him was an easy decision.  He’s smart and a constant problem solver.  Don’t know how to fix something, ask Jordan!  

He is a true ‘Florida’ baby- born and raised in our area.  If he ever did leave the area, he would make the jump to the Smoky Mountains. 

“My work is my passion. I give each task 100%.”


Denise M

Housekeeping Inspector | est. 2019

At the time of hire, Denise was a new resident of Pensacola.  She has enjoyed the area with her husband and children.  After a year with BB, Denise proved herself invaluable.  She is steadily looking to help, remains consistently positive, and pays attention to the details. 

She’s bubbly and fun but also likes to keep moving and get things done.  If you need a listening ear or a hard-working hand, Denise is your gal.

“Working for this company is the greatest thing to happen to me. Great workers, great team, and great environment. You become family here and the company doesn’t hold you back from growth.”


Kaylin S

Guest Experience Specialist | est. 2021

When you hear about those people who have been raised at the beach, this is that girl. Whether it is snorkeling, surfing, sunning, frisbee, swimming, tanning, surfing, hunting blue crabs at night, or shelling, Kaylin has a lifetime of experience on the Gulf of Mexico.

While her dad was teaching her how to surf, her mom groomed her on work ethics which transcends into her career today. Working on the beach is simply fate.